Sunday 5 February 2017

Blog Moved

Hey Stray Reader,

This blog has been suspended and I have moved my blogging adventures to another, more exciting space. If you want to follow my writing (which is much more regular and consistent now), you can check out my Medium page (You can access it as a guest, or via your twitter account, in case you want to leave comments or recommends)

It's a fun new place. And you won't regret a moment of your time if you choose to check it out. And I am not saying this just because my writings are up there but because of all other exciting writing and writers that you may end up discovering at Medium.

Do come. You will like it there!

Thank you for sticking around. Happy reading. And hope to see you around at Medium! :)

P.S  In case you are having trouble finding the response tab in Medium, it is there at the bottom of the blog, after suggested articles. It looks like this:

Hope this helps. See you around! :)


  1. hi runjhun, I signed up at medium, but there is no way to post my responses on ur blogs there. tell me a way out.


  2. Hi Vagabond,

    I was really hoping you would drop by. And thank you so much for signing up at Medium. I was really hoping you would! :)

    Okay, as for the responses, if you are signed in, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the article. After the suggested articles and right before the responses, there is a small box that says 'write a response'. You can submit your response and hit publish. It will ask you for tags but you can skip it. Also, you can recommend by blog by clicking on the green heart at the bottom of the blog. And you can follow me there, to get updates of my articles.

    I cannot add a screenshot of the response window here, so I am putting it above, in the main blog, for your convenience.

    Hope this helps! :) And I am really looking forward to seeing you on Medium! :)

  3. hi runjhun,

    thanx for ur reply but when I login to medium using my twitter a/c I don't get the write your response button as u hv shown it in the snapshot. after logging in I did scroll up n down the page but I didn't find it. it should not be, but is it that if u login with twitter this happens and one should sign up normally as per medium's requirements. also the first pic that u hv posted here doesn't display. lemme surf around a bit more n see if I can hit the response area. I'll let u know.